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From elevating the conversation to full market implementation, we've been there

San Jose Consulting (SJC) is a marketing insights and strategy consulting firm that specializes in the Hispanic and multicultural segments of the U.S. and Latin America.

For the past 30 years, we have helped dozens of brands convert their biggest Hispanic and multicultural segment challenges into workable, measurable and sustainable solutions.

We are a division of The San Jose Group and draw vast elite and multicultural resources from many teams of the largest group of marketing agencies targeting Hispanic and multicultural segments in this hemisphere, The San Jose Network.


Strategic depth planned by implementation know-how...


...we offer our clients the best of both worlds. The strategic planning disciplines of an elite consulting firm, equipped to cut through mountains of facts and figures and unearth meaningful insights.

The tactical prowess of a seasoned integrated marketing agency, that has put its strategies to the test in-market for nearly 30 years and consistently generated results, time and time again.

The net result: solutions that are fully digested and capable of generating measurable growth.


Our expertise spans over 30 years and more than 45 categories.

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Three decades of the most seasoned expertise imaginable, time-compressed and channeled directly into your business today.

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233 N. Michigan Avenue, 24th Floor
Chicago, IL 60601-5519

TEL. 312.565.7000
FAX. 312.565.7500

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